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 westchester decks & patiosAre you someone who keeps putting off a small home improvement project because it's beyond something you think you can do yourself, yet you're afraid a professional contractor wouldn't touch it? Or would charge too much? If so, S&S Remodeling just might be for you.

Every year, our Eastchester Handyman Team performs hundreds of jobs for home owners that might not otherwise get done. Whatever you can think of, they can handle: replacing rotted sills, installing windows and doors, fixing roofs, repairing damaged walls, upgrading cellar bulkheads, securing stairways, building mail boxes, shoring up barns, plugging leaks, mounting power mains, restoring tile, washing decks, etc.

As in all parts of our company, clear communication is the key to the Handyman Division's success. We prepare a detailed work order to review with very customer before a contract is signed. The workers on your job will be not only top professional craftsmen but also good listeners who will give every task highest importance while respecting your need for privacy.

Getting the Help That You Need

Let's face the fact that those little to-do projects that can't be done by you, tend to add up. Before you know it, your home is feeling a little rundown, all because you have tons of handyman type tasks to address. The bottom line is that it is a good idea to have a handyman that you know you can call on, fir a large variety of jobs.

For other service contractors they may feel certain projects are too small, or not worth their time and effort. At S & S Remodeling, we feel that no job is too big nor too small. If it is a service that you need done, we want to be able to provide it for you.

A handyman is responsible for performing any number of important jobs, but work that is still best left to a professional. We offer the best in various repairs, maintenance and replacement work, helping to keep your home in tiptop shape. This includes taking care of tasks that impact both the functionality or appearance of certain aspects of your household, sometimes both.

It means that we have to be skilled in a vast assortment of trades including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and even cosmetic work like painting. Keep in mind, just because someone claims that they can take care of some of these tasks does not always mean that they have the proper licensing. You can, however, rest assured that we do and will show you our certification to put your mind at rest.

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Why Eastchester Should Hire Us for Handyman Services

Whatever you can think of, our Eastchester remodeling contractors and handyman can handle it. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior services and quality products. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of being a reliable, honest and hardworking remodeling company that our customers can depend on.

We believe in going above and beyond, when it comes to meeting the service needs of our clients. Since 1983, we have been providing our clients with the services that they need and the quality results that they deserve. The bottom line is that we want every aspect of your home to provide you with the performance and longevity that you should be able to expect, if not more.

One important way to get the service and results that you hoped for is to make it a point to only work with a service industry expert who genuinely cares about their clients. Around here, that team of professionals just happens to be us. We deliver the finest quality personalized service, even for little tasks like handyman projects.

There is no task that is too small for us, because we know that is a task that our customer needs, and we want to be able to take care of it for you. This is the type of customized quality care that you get, from a company that is owner operated. We don't believe in cutting corners because that means putting the results of your project at risk of being compromised.

Getting the Service You Need & Quality You Deserve

One of the smartest things that you can do, as a local homeowner, is familiarize yourself with the best handyman around – S & S Remodeling. By doing so, this means that each time you have the need for an expert to work with for random tasks, you now know who to call on. For some people, this type of work is a side job but we make your service needs our number one priority, no matter what they are.

It is important not to entrust an unlicensed person to take care of your service needs, just because you think that the work is too small to bother a professional with. You just have to find the right expert to work with who happens to believe that all service work should be treated equal. Fail to get this type of seemingly small work taken care of by a professional and you are likely to find out the hard way, just what a difference it makes to partner with a pro.

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