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Designing a New Westchester Deck For Your Home Plans

Westchester Decks

If you are like most people who own an older home, odds are pretty good that you have a wooden deck that is beginning to fall to pieces. Your deck is probably starting to rot through in places or maybe even has a broken step or two if you didn’t take great care of it. Now is the time to start thinking about replacing the deck, not only for everyone’s safety, but also to get rid of that eye sore once and for all.

If your craftsman bungalow house plan has a large back deck there are many options that you have when it comes to replacing it. While you could simply rebuild the exact deck that you already have, perhaps instead you should do some research to find the perfect deck for you. For instance: if you love to barbecue and dine outdoors, you could choose to build a section of the deck that will be wholly for the cooking of the food and another section of the deck that steps down to where the table and chairs will be located. If you would much rather spend your days relaxing in your above ground pool, perhaps you could build a deck that extends out as a deck for your pool as well.

While most luxury architecture home plans incorporate a luxurious Westchester backyard deck, there is always something that could be added just for fun. You could add a gazebo right into your deck. This would mean that rather than having a free standing gazebo randomly sitting in your backyard, you have a gazebo that connects to the deck providing a relaxing shelter from the elements. You might also consider adding a little height to your current deck. Decks don’t all have to be on the same level, so why not have a few different decks that you access by staircases. This is a great way to make your deck stand out from everyone else’s single level deck.

One of the most attractive features of a house built from country style house plans is that of the wrap around deck. These Westchester decks are generally the envy of everyone who doesn’t have one. These decks can wrap all the way around a house, inviting everyone who passes by to stop and sit on one of the tempting Adirondack chairs resting upon it. If you do have a country style home but do not have a wrap around deck, you should definitely consider updating your current deck to add more drama to your home. Your deck can either add or subtract value from your home. Now is the time to start adding value!

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