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Home Remodeling Values For Kitchen Upgrades in Westchester

Westchester Kitchen Remodel

A homeowner might be used to using the antiquated appliances in the kitchen but home buyers will be totally turned off by them. The Westchester home remodeling values for kitchen upgrades are what can make or break the sale of a home. A homeowner can choose to upgrade only one appliance at a time or plan for a complete home improvement project that will bring in many additional dollars at home selling time.

There are many styles and colors that can be selected for kitchen appliances. The homeowner will have to take into account the coloring of the cabinets in the kitchen to determine which color of appliance will look best. Some kitchens are smaller than any other room in the home and homeowners will typically choose to expand these living spaces to give home buyers more incentive to purchase the home.

The additional space created in a Westchester kitchen remodel can be used for many things. The kitchen upgrade could give new home buyers a new pantry that is equipped with sliding shelves and open wire storage containers. The homeowner might even consider adding some recessed lights in the pantry as a special touch that many home buyers will really appreciate and a broom closet on the side will make cleaning up seem like a breeze.

Some homeowners go the extra mile when installing kitchen sinks. They choose to upgrade the kitchen with a home remodeling project that includes a garbage disposal or a trash compactor that would be really sweet. Equipping the double sink with sprayers and cleanser dispensers the homeowner is sure to get a good return on the money that is spent on these niceties.

Most homeowners will go all out when selecting kitchen counters. Stone countertops seem to get rave reviews by home buyers because they are both beautiful and easy to clean. These surfaces add long lasting value to the home because they rarely need to be replaced. It is really hard to damage a stone countertop that has curved lips and splashguards to protect all countertop surfaces.

Most homeowners will consider adding vacuum systems that recess into the wall but this is one item that is perfect for a kitchen upgrade. Spills can be cleaned up in an instant and homeowners can truly get more enjoyment out of the busiest place in the house. When stone tiles are placed on the floor, the homeowner can upgrade even more by using grout in a complimentary color. All of these improvements will made the home remodeling a success and home buyers will probably match the asking price because the home is such a good value.

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Sal renovated our kitchen in the fall of 2008. He was extremely professional, courteous and - most importantly - reliable. As the job progressed, he was easily able to handle the small changes and additions we requested. His advice was excellent, the work and products were quality [...]
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Sal and his team did a full renovation of our kitchen. The results are beautiful. Sal is highly consultative, proof of his extensive experience in the business. We are also impressed by his attention to detail from start to finish[...]
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