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Senior Safety or Aging in Place Renovations for Your Home

senior safety renovationsMaking a home safe for a senior aged inhabitant or guest is similar to converting it to an aging in place home. Much of it just depends on the extent of the work you need to have completed.

Is it a full conversion or just certain areas that get more frequently used? When the budget allows, it always makes more sense to convert the entire home, in case this visitor becomes a resident.

Either way, the best first step is to find a reputable remodeling contractor to work with in order to make important choices about this project. The final result should be a safer, more user-friendly household for anyone with physical limitations or restricted mobility.

Beneficial Home Renovations for Seniors

The list can be as basic or as extensive as you’d like. The choice is up to you. Whatever the case may be, you’ll feel like you’re making your household a home sweet home by making it cozier and more user-friendly for your live-in family members or even just regular guests.

  • The bathroom is an ideal place to start because there are a lot of changes to be made. One of the key elements is installing grab bars for the tub and shower. Even for someone without physical restrictions, this space can be dangerous because it’s slippery when wet.
  • The kitchen is another major player when it comes to making a house easier to use for restricted users. Lowering the countertops will make it simple to use by anyone in a wheelchair, scooter, or even just using a stationary chair to relax in while preparing food.
  • Doorways throughout the house need to be widened in order to make it easier to use for anyone with a wheelchair, scooter, or walker. Doorways narrower than 32” are candidates for needing to be made wider.
  • Installing lever-style door handles to replace traditional door knobs can make a world of difference. Arthritic flare ups can make it next to impossible to use standard knobs.
  • At the very least, you’ll need wheelchair ramps. At the very most, you may need a chair lift or even an elevator. Obviously, the bigger the project the more costly the job, but it can make a world of difference.

Get What Works for You

The best approach to take is to think for the future and not just today. In other words, don’t make adjustments to suit someone who just needs a walker when they’ll probably eventually need to transition to a wheelchair.

Focus on safety and learn more from an expert about the options you have before making a final choice. For the best possible results, call S&S Remodeling to act as your Westchester remodeling contractor.

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