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Tips for Proper Feng Shui for Your Entryway

entranceways WestchesterThe entryway of your Westchester home is more important than you probably realize. The entire interior design aesthetics that you are trying to create, all start with this first space. This is also usually where you welcome guests, which means this is the first impression they have of the inside of your home.

Whether you want to implement aspects of Feng Shui in the entryway design and décor because you believe in the flow of good energy, or just want it to look nice, is up to you. What you should know is that by incorporating elements of Feng Shui you will be able to have a beautiful and clutter free entrance to the place you and your family call home.

Creating the Look & Feel You Want

Do not overlook the importance of good design and décor, when it comes to the entryway of your home. Some essential tips to keep in mind are:

Keep the space as open as possible. It is too common for entryways to feel small and cramped. This creates a sense of urgency to quickly move out of this space, even though it should feel welcome and inviting.

When possible, incorporate a “landing space” for positive energy in the form of a plain side table to a large round one with fresh flowers, if space allows. The good news is that this will also serve as a functional place to rest your purse, keys or the mail, when you first come home.

Proper Feng Shui is also about what things to avoid, such as a mirror facing the front door.  For design elements it is about details like trying not to have the staircase too close or facing the main door. Also, avoid design that places a bathroom over the main door.

Another important tip is to make it a point to only work with professional remodeling contractors who can help you make important choices about your renovation project. If you are in the market to get your entryway remodeled give the experts here at S&S Remodeling a call.

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